Fashion · September 29, 2022

Why You Don’t Need to Follow Fashion Trends

Fashion is subjective, and trends change frequently. When something becomes a trend, it eventually loses its lustre. So, don’t be hasty to follow the latest fad. Consider your own style and your own preferences. You’ll look your best when dressing.

Fashion trends come and go. They don’t always need to be followed, and it certainly isn’t necessary that you conform yourself to the current fashion crazes. They often follow a certain pattern and tend to repeat themselves.

When it comes to clothing, style is really in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to how you dress, there are no right or wrong answers. However, there are ways to improve what you’re wearing, whether outfitting yourself for work, school, the gym, or running errands around town.

The front page of most fashion magazines is almost identical to the front page of a newspaper. It’s filled with stories of the latest runway trends and celebrities, and along with those pieces come advertisements for the latest Spring/Summer collection. But despite all this talk about the latest designer collections, there are some good reasons not to follow fashion trends.

Here Are 6 Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Follow Fashion Trends

The fashion industry dictates trends.

One would think that the fashion industry would be the first to admit what fashion trends are and why we should follow them. But you would be wrong because they try to convince you that what’s trendy and what’s not trendy is purely based on personal choice. However, the fashion industry directly influences what’s considered ‘cool’ and popular. The clothes hanging in your closet that you buy are not chosen at random but are picked based on trends. And these fashion trends are not chosen by you but by the fashion industry.

Trends are expensive

Fashion trends are fun to follow. But that doesn’t mean you should spend a ton of money on clothing items just because they are popular. Just because everyone in your Instagram feed is rocking it doesn’t mean you need to. There’s the chance that trends are expensive.

Trends change quickly

When we talk about fashion, we’re talking about a “thing.” The thing is, fashion trends change. And quickly. It’s not uncommon for trends to change on a dime, sometimes in a matter of months. If keeping up with that is important to you, then you’d likely love the idea of spending your hard-earned money on something that’s already old news by the time you decide to purchase.

Trends are fleeting

Pretty much everything we put on our bodies, from hair to makeup, fashion accessories, and even our nails, trends. And if you’re like me, you gravitate towards keeping up with the fashion crowd. After all, fashion’s one constant is that it changes. But, as everyone knows, trends come and go.

Trends are unhealthy

A new year means new trends—which can mean it’s easier to justify pushing aside your healthy, sustainable style to follow the latest fashions. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to. There are enough trends out there that everyone can find something that fits their style and, more importantly, their way of living. Many of them are unhealthy and faddish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear whatever you want.

Trends focus on looks and not functionality.

Your wardrobe should reflect your personality. It should reflect who you are, what you like, and what value you. At the same time, you shouldn’t feel constrained by what fashion magazines tell you to wear. Trends don’t last. They don’t last for one season, one season of your life, or one season of your fashion sense. They are fleeting, and they don’t create an individual style. These might be fun and catch your attention, but they should not define you.

With the current fashion obsession for athleisure wear, it may be hard for some to believe that you don’t need to follow trends, but the fact is that there is no such thing as “must-have” fashion. If you want to make some fashion statements, then, by all means, you should. However, if you are simply trying to look your best and feel comfortable in your clothes, there is no need to worry so much about what everyone else is wearing.