Fitness · October 13, 2022

What is Fitness+ on Apple Watch?

Fitness+ is the name for the watchOS 4 updates released today, and it marks Apple’s first major overhaul of the Apple Watch operating system since watchOS 2. Along with a new design, Fitness+ will bring a bunch of new features to the watch, including more types of workouts and new apps to help you track your fitness. But not all of the new apps you need to know about are fitness-focused, so we’re highlighting a few that we’ve found particularly compelling and relevant for watchOS users.

How do I activate Fitness Plus?

Fitness Plus is a feature that comes pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra, which lets Galaxy phone owners wear an “activity band” to track their health and activity levels. The app, however, can’t be activated out of the box. That means you probably need to contact Samsung’s customer service if you can’t get it to turn on. Some users report that they haven’t been able to activate Fitness Plus by two methods: trying to activate it via the health app and powered cycling the phone off and on. However, some workarounds work for every user if the phone isn’t behaving.

Do you get Apple Fitness+ free with Apple Watch?

AppleCare+ offers more coverage than the standard iPhone warranty, and it includes Apple’s free fitness tracking feature Apple Watch’s Activity app, and the built-in heart rate sensor. However, if you purchased your Apple Watch through Apple’s website, you’re sure to get Apple Fitness+ for free. If you purchased the Apple Watch through third-party retailers, you’d need to verify that you’re paying for AppleCare+, and, if so, you’ll be rewarded with Apple Fitness+ automatically.

What is Apple Health?

Apple Health, formerly known as HealthKit, is Apple’s health management and fitness tracking service. This includes a variety of features, including Apple Care, a personal health record, an electronic health record, a body measurements feature, a medication log, a blood glucose log, a health history, a fitness activity log, a food log, and a sensor log (for heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and body fat tracking). Apple Health also lets you access third-party health apps.

Is Apple Fitness Plus worth it?

Apple knows that fitness is important to you. The company designed Apple Smartwatches with built-in heart-rate monitors, so you can work out without wearing a chest strap. You can also use these watches to remotely check your fitness progress and stay motivated by setting goals and challenges for your Apple Watch.

Apple is always working behind the scenes to make its products more convenient. This year, the company hopes its latest iOS update, iOS 12, will help you stay more organized. The new Apple File System (APFS) promises to make your files more accessible and safer. Apple’s update will further improve Apple’s Siri feature, and you can set reminders and alarms based on your location (and do more with Siri).

Is Apple Watch good for fitness?

The Apple Watch is an Apple product designed to keep users connected smartly and conveniently every day. The Apple Watch is a watch, fitness tracker, and phone combined. At the time of the Apple Watch’s release, it had some of the most impressive features of any smartwatch on the market. The Apple Watch works in conjunction with an iPhone. Compatibility with the iPhone is necessary to use many of the watch’s features.

You knew the answer already, but, just in case, let’s crunch some numbers: Apple Watch tracks your activity, heart rate, and calories burned, and Apple Watch Series 4 even lets users measure their minimal activity (for example, walking from floor to floor). Apple Watch also uses motion and heart rate data to suggest personalized workouts to conserve energy and move more.

With a full touch screen and no smartphone or heart rate monitor required, fitness+ features an intuitive interface and built-in workout guides. The watch’s built-in gyroscope detects multiple arm movements and adjusts your exercises in real-time. With fitness+, you’ll always see what you should be doing.