Fashion · February 17, 2022

The 12 Biggest Spring/Summer 2021 Trends

Beauty is like fashion: you can spend a lot of time thinking about the latest trends, but they usually don’t last long, so you can’t afford to spend all your time on them. Instead, you need to focus on creating your own personal style, which will take you much further than anything you can read about in magazines.

2021 Biggest Trend During Spring/Summer

The following are the 12 biggest trends during spring/summer in the year 2021:

Waist Floss 

Not so long ago, waist-length dresses were the norm for women seeking to flaunt their curves. Today, the trend is more towards the short and fitted look to make a statement. So, what’s the best length for your waistline? The key is to find the balance between fashionable and flattering.


The biggest trend during 2021 spring/summer is monochrome, which was spotted on everyone from the front row of the Kanye West-Katy Perry concert to the streets of Paris and London.

Open Backs

The idea of open-backs is to wear them all day since there’s no way to drape a shirt over them. But beyond that, it’s a pretty simple concept: we can dress up or down, work or relax every day. In the days before open-backs, we had to go out and buy a new shirt if we wanted to wear one while entertaining guests or going out to dinner at night.  

Sheer Gowns 

A “sheer” fabric does not fully cover the body. They are usually sheer by nature and need only a light tracing of fabric and a lot of imagination to be worn as a dress. A sheer gown is usually made of one piece of fabric with a lining. The main reason it has to be sheer is to allow the wearer to see their body underneath.


A bralette is a tank-style bra that’s meant to be worn without straps. They’re usually made of a cotton or nylon mesh with an elastic band and are usually worn undergarments. They’re also often known as “sports bras” or “bra tops.”

Sparkle and Shine

This year, we’re looking at the likes of the glittering sparkle and shine dress, which is a hybrid of a dress and a bodysuit. The idea is that you can wear it over bare skin, over a dress, or a bodysuit, although the latter two have the potential to get clingy and uncomfortable.


This year the trend is the cut-out. The cut-out is a fashion trend that shows a type of shirt cut out from the body. The cut-out trend is mostly seen in day dresses.


Netting is a great material for spring/summer fashion. It is a comfortable material and can be worn together with everything. These days, it is a new fashion material that can be seen as a mixture of denim and silk.  

Bold Shoulder 

This year’s trend in women’s fashion is bold shoulder wear. The styles range from loose to tight and are made of leather, velvet, satin, lace, and even tights.

Unashamedly, Fuchsia

The colour of the summer is Fuchsia, and this year it is the biggest trend of all. The colour of the future has been around for a while, but it is only now that it has made it to the mainstream.  


With the warmer months coming and fashionistas worldwide gearing up for months of bold colours, wide-legs are becoming a popular style trend to try and get their hands on. Previously a trend reserved for the more fashion-forward, this season will see a gradual increase in wide-legged shorts and pants, finding their way into everyday wear.

Fashion Face Mask

The trend for 2021 is the “Fashion Face Mask.” The trend is the fashioned face mask that was popularized by Crayon Pop in the early 2010s. The trend consists of covering your face with either a bandage-like, “bandage-like” mask or a “bandage-like” mask.

All eyes are on the next decade. And with that comes the next decade of trends. Think of it as the next wave of fashion. A look at the biggest trends for spring and summer 2021, with a few predictions on what to expect in 2020.