Fashion · June 15, 2021

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses

It is a fact that sunglasses are among the top fashion accessories today. It can add appeal to your overall appearance and allows you to make a fashion statement. Sunglasses also offer protection to your eyes against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Meanwhile, there are lots of sunglasses available in the market. With that, it can be hard for you to choose the right one for your fashion needs. Don’t worry because we will offer you essential tips on how to pick the best sunglasses.

Blocks 100% of UV Rays

As you buy sunglasses, prefer those models that can 100% block UV rays. Usually, you can see a tag or sticker that will indicate this feature. If you want sunglasses that can offer excellent eye protection, go for a model that can block UV rays.

Consider the Shape of Your Face and Nose

Another factor to consider in buying the best sunglasses is the shape of your face and nose. For example, if you have a narrow face, you can opt for narrow sunglasses. Don’t go for too wide sunglasses. With regards to the nose, you could go for low bridge fit glasses (for more info, check or standard fit glasses. This is determined by the nasal bridge height. Before purchasing the ideal sunglasses, you should think about all of these elements.

Consider Your Hair Color and Skin Tone

If you want to enhance your overall look, it can be an advantage to pick sunglasses based on the color of your hair and skin tone. You can opt for a contrasting or complementing frame against your eyes, hair, and complexion based on your taste and standards. If you have lighter skin, you can opt for darker shades of green, gold, or brown. If you want cool undertones, you can choose shades with rich pinks or dark blues.

On the other hand, you can prefer light or dark shades of sunglasses if you have medium skin. You can get lighter greens and blue sunglasses.

Lastly, if you have dark skin, you can go for brown, bright gold, or neutral shades of sunglasses. You can prefer pink or blue shades for cooler skin tones. When it comes to your hair color, you can go for darker shades if you have light hair color. You can choose silver, white, or purple sunglasses if you have amber or brown hair with cool undertones. Meanwhile, if you have dark color hair, you can choose any color that you like. You can pair it with primary and secondary vibrant colors. Bright whites and black shades can also perfectly match your dark hair.

Choose Sunglasses That Can Match with Your Outfits

Choosing the right sunglasses can highlight the elegance of your outfit. It may also be a good idea to invest in top sunglasses brands as they’ll make you look chic. You can match your sunglasses to the color of your outfit. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be an exact combination. Instead, make it a complementary pairing.

Match Your Sunglasses to Your Accessories

In addition to matching your sunglasses to your clothing, you can also match them with your accessories. You can prefer shades of sunglasses that will work best with your headbands, scarves, jewelry, watch, and other accessories. With this, you can make a striking and attractive fashion statement.

Evaluate Your Appearance

It is also essential to evaluate your appearance to choose the best sunglasses. It can help you choose the right shades that will perfectly match your hair color and skin tone. By considering these tips, you can choose the best sunglasses for your fashion needs. With quality eyewear, such as those from Detour Sunglasses or a similar brand, you can make a statement of your style and personality. Additionally, it can also make you feel good and confident about how you look in the crowd

How Can Sunglasses Enhance Your Overall Look?

Sunglasses are an excellent way to give your look an added boost of style and sophistication. Not only do they offer protection from the sun’s UV rays, but they can also be used in any situation to upgrade your style. So, if you’re looking for a way to add a touch of class and style to your ensemble, you can consider investing in a pair of discounted ray ban sunglasses (or from any other preferred brand).


To sum it up, sunglasses can be the perfect accessory to create a fashionable and gorgeous look regardless of the occasion or season. With the help of the tips, we mentioned above, we hope you can get the right sunglasses that suit your taste and standards. Create a statement about yourself with the best sunglasses now!